Sunday, June 8, 2014

BYU Living Legends

Sunday, June 8, 2014
We have great spiritual experiences every week with total strangers or with friends in the mission.  I wish you could have all been here tonight as the BYU Living Legends presented a sociable for Nauvoo.  It was awesome and a spiritual feast as they sang and bore testimony.

Saturday, June 14,2014
Here are some pictures of the Living Legends from BYU performing at 8:30 at night.  There are many different kinds of dances.

Long ago in a land across the great waters our ancient father had a dream.  In his dream the Great Spirit came to our father and carried him away on wings of fire.  The spirit told our father he would lead him to a new land-  A place of bounty, a promised land-  For he had walked in truth and in light in all seasons.  So begins the legend.  It is the story of the seasons of a people:
Seasons of faith and prosperity, pride and warm, forgiveness and rebirth;   Seasons known to all people, in all nations, from the beginning of time.  We invite you to journey with us through this timeless legend.  It is our story.  It is your story.           - Janielle Christensen- Artistic Director

                                                THE CIRCLE OF THE SEASONS

Here they are starting to Dance!!

 North American's Dancing with other cultures!!

   Left  is a North American Indian!!
   Right is a cool dud!!!                                                                      
Here are the Samoa's dancing with the other cultures!!


                   Three different cultures!!
                                                     Polynesian Culture..
                                Here are the different cultures going across the sea to America...
                                                              and the eagle is flying by

                                                                   SEASON OF PROMISE

North America: Eagle
The eagle, which flies the highest and nearest to our Creator, is sacred to natives of North America.  Embodying strength, courage, and wisdom, the eagle shows us that we have the ability to develop the same qualities.

The Eagles are dancing together...

ECUADOR: San Juanito
Echoing over high, windswept plains and grassy valleys, the music of the Andes breathes the essence of ancient civilizations.


Here are the men dancing...


Samoa:  Saso, Lapa Lapa, Slap
Young Samoans demonstrate their energy and love for life in the rousing Sasa and Lapa Lapa and prove their skill and agility in the powerful slap dance.

     Here is the part where they slap themselves and this young man hurt himself. It was a great dance.

  Argentina: Chacarera
The Chacarera emphasizes the grace and beauty of the paisana(Argentina's cowgirl) and the strength and masculinity of the gaucho (Argentina's cowboy), all with romance and energy.

Tahiti: Ote'a Tavevo, Ote'a Hopu
The rhythms of life are presented through the Tamure and staccato beats of the toere drums.

Boy! Can all the girls swing their hips!!

North America: Fancy
The women's fancy dance shows the emergence of the butterfly and the beginning of a new direction in life.  The men's fancy dance depicts the warriors' battlefield feats.
                                 It was amazing the color of the feathers of each Indian dancing.

 Here are the warriors' dancing
                                                   Here are the women's fancy dance
Up close to see some of their faces, very colorful costumes!!

Men and Women dancing together!!

BOLIVIA: Caporales
In this display of skill and power, the Caporal's whip represents his strength, the rattles on his boots the sound of chains, and his elaborate costume his pride and wealth.

Beautiful Costume!

North America:   Warrior's Suite
The dances portray honor and respect for all Native American Warriors.

 To the right is the women with her feathered hat on.

She was fighting with the warriors' and then takes her feathered hat off before she runs of the stage. It was like "Malon"

These dancers make funny faces as the dance!!

           The woman are swinging those white balls around and making funny warrior faces.

This is at the end of the dance with men an women making warrior faces.

New Zealand: Te Wa o Tumatauenga, He Korero Riri
With the dawn comes the voice of war, carried on the wind, and supplication to Tumataenga, god of war, by both warrior and loved one.  Preparations for battle are made, and through the haka and poi, the challenge is issued: "We will not back down but will gain victory."

Beautiful Costumes from the New Zealand  Culture.

Mexico: Aztec
Representing an Aztec ritual from southern Mexico, this dance honors the great white God Ce Acatl Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl. 

Tonga: Laka Laka
Tongan grace and beauty reflect the purity and conviction of a devoted and faithful people.

                                             Tongan people doing a spiritual dance.

                                             They are representing Joseph Smith Praying.
                                               Joseph Smith receiving the light from the first vision!!

                                                    Getting ready to be Baptized.
Showing being Baptized!!

North American: Jingle/Grass
To the Ojibwe Tribe in Minnesota, the jingle dress, first seen in a dream by the tribe's medicine man, is said to have special healing powers.  The male grass dancers imitate the tall, flowi ng sweet grass of the prairie, a symbol of balance between man and nature.

                                                Their skirts just jingle all around their body.

When these North Americans dance the bells jingle around their calves.  The costumes as you can see are very colorful and bright.  It was a cool dance.

Mexico: La Negra
These dances capture the soul of Mexico with their intricate footwork, beautiful dresses, and energetic music.

                                                 Mexican men and women dancing!!

The women are twirling their skirts behind the man.

At the end of the dance the man leans over the women and gives her a kiss!!

The hoop symbolizes eternity to many Native Americans.  Dancers position the hoops to honor the creations of Mother Earth.
              The women is in the middle of the men doing the hoop dance.  She is as good as the men.

                                                  The man is doing 4 hoops at once.

This women does the same amount of hoops as the men do.  I don't think I have ever seen a women do the hoop dance in Blanding.
Here all three people are holding all their hoops together in one big circle.
     I wanted you to see the back ground picture of Monument Valley.  The women is doing her hoops.

 The women is on both sides doing a lot of hoops on her body.
                                       Here is the women taking the hoops off as she dances.
This man is also taking the hoops off as he dances.

A wise chief teaches that family and education are the keys to success and happiness.
The Chief honors his son by putting something on him.

The Mother sings," Go My Son and get an education." I just love this song even though I don't know all the words, I do know the music.  It was special as they did the hand actions with the song.

                                                       Circle of the Seasons Reprise

 Here are different cultures singing and dancing at the end of the show.

The son to the right & below is leaving to get an education.  All the the children are going to get an education to better their lives!!

Everyone are singing " Go My Son and Get an Education"

 All different countries and cultures are singing the last song, "Go My Son and get an Education"

This was a very Powerful Program,  I loved it a lot.  We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and the script.  The Gospel is True and we love you all.

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  1. My goodness. What a program!!! I'm amazed you were able to get all those pictures, and be able to explain what they were. I truly enjoyed it!