Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Day

Jan. 1- 2014
Here it is New Years Day and we had to work at the Carthage Visitor Center & Jail all day.  It was OK because we had nothing else to do.  We didn't have one person come in all day.  Things have really slowed down but we do Indexing and Humanitarian things to do.  I am crocheting receiving blankets to give to the Humanitarian. It is a good feeling to be doing something for someone else. The Missionaries are crocheting hats for children.  The children in Navuoo can't go outside and play unless they have a warm hat on.  We are giving the hats to the school children. I am going to buy these looms that Walmart sells and teach Elder Harris how to do them.  He spends his time reading a lot. Their are some Elders here on the Mission that make these hats from different sizes of looms.  They are really cute hats for boys or girls.

Thursday- Jan. 2, 2014
This day was our preparation day.  We always wash or clean our house or shop for food.  We try to go to the Navuoo Temple every preparation day to do sealings or endowments.  I almost have Jenny's family names done, only I think one more male name left.  We went to Susan Easton Durrant's talk on Joseph Smith that she does every Tuesday and Thursday nights.  She is so smart and interesting to listen to but she does talk fast.

Tuesday Night- Jan. 7, 2014
We did our Rendezvous this night.  Elder Harris and I did Jed and Annie but I didn't feel like I did as good as he did.  I went blank on one of my lines and I couldn't here the prompter for a short time then I said my part.  It turned out okay but I want to do a good job every time so I tell my husband that he has to give me the exact verse so I can remember my part.  I have memorized his part and I get lost if he doesn't say the words right.  I know that is a bad excuse but I just have the lines memorized exactly the way it says.  Anyway I hope in a week I will remember my part better.  The audience just loves Elder Harris.  He makes them laugh all the time with his cute lines and twinkle in his eyes.  It really is fun to help others feel the spirit as we perform  in this program.

                                       O Jed, I really want too!!! Marry you!!!

                                                                        What a Kiss!!!!

 The week of January 13th through 18th we don't have Rendezvous all week because they are painting and fixing up the Cultural Hall.  Ha!! one week off, free nights, can do anything we want too, well to a point.

Friday Night- Jan. 10, 2014
This night we didn't do Jed and Annie part because it was the Elder and Sister Duncan's turn but the WHOLE Rendezvous was the BEST we all had EVER DONE.  We had some big families there and a lot of missionaries watching the show and that helps us sing our songs better and do our parts better. In Relief Society sometimes I do the part of " Why didn't I think of that!" The audience just laughs and laughs. It does help to have a good laughing audience. Here is a picture.

                                                   Sunday- Jan. 12, 2014
 This Sunday Elder and Sister Harris have this day off.  Every other Sunday we don't work at the Carthage Visitor Center and Jail.  I usually stay for choir practice for l hour and then we drive back to Carthage, home.  We eat and take a nap and study scriptures, read Ensigns and then sometimes we go back to Navuoo to Zion Conference or District Meetings and Jan. 18th or 19th this week we meet our new Mission President.

President and Sister (Howard W. Hunter's son) Richard Allen Hunter from Wallsburg, Utah.  We are excited to meet him because he knew our son-in-law, Ken Bonney's father, Carl Bonney very well and our grandson is named after him: Mark Hunter Bonney.

  Friday January 17, 2014
We had the Farewell Missionary Breakfast at 7:00 in the morning.  We ate and then the missionaries that are leaving have to do a skit.  It was the cutest song that the President wrote the words too.  We are really going to miss President and Sister Gilliland.

President and Sister Gilliland

Elder and Sister Boyer
Here are the words to the song:

Life is different when you leave Nauvoo,
    You can't share all that you've been through.
   Your clothes are old, and they don't fit you!
Life is different when you leave Nauvoo.

                            P  If we go, we'll be spoken of as cowards
                                     SG And we've grown as wide as the Mississippi
                                            SB What am I supposed to do with this pickle barrel?
                         EB Nothing good from what I understand!

Rendezvous, sites, and Sunset, too?
                   Cleaning up what little birdie's "do"  birdie's do
       The Audi-i-tion, and Young Sisters, too,
           Can't go with you when you leave Navuoo.

                                               SB   Anything interesting in the paper we should know about?
                         SG   Just this article about Thomas & Elizabeth
                                                                 when he saw her sitting a top their wagon, he tripped over his whiskers.
                            EB   The city Beautiful, was a city in mourning.

Life is sadder when you leave Nauvoo,
   No one gets your lines from Rendezvous.
They pity one who is as old as you.
 Life is sadder when you leave Nauvoo.

  SG  Too old?  Too old?
                                         SB  You have been looking a little peaked lately.
                                            SG  I can still give orders, if that's what you mean.

Rendezvous, rides and Trial of Hope,
                       Making bricks and braiding lots of rope, lots of rope
  Cookies baking and the Teamsters, too,
       Can't go with you when you leave Nauvoo.

                                                P  Please think about what you're leaving behind!
                  SB  All these ordinary people,
                           EB  And all the old geezers in town!

Zion's gone when you leave Nauvoo,
Worldly cares quickly confound you.
       They take your badge and then forget you,
 Zion's gone when you leave Nauvoo.

          SG  Our home town is full of riff-raff.
                                                P     We need to find a place where we can plow our fields as we see fit,                                                       worship as we want, and live life, as we've a mind too.
                                            SG   And it's not just desert and sagebrush, whatever that is.

Rendezvous, B-Y-U Groups, too,
        Vignettes and Special events  e-e-vents
               All of these and more, we will see no more
           Life is different when we leave Nauvoo.

                                         EB  Is Doctor Stout still making house calls?
        SB   I think he is.  Why?
                                                                EB   Jed swallered some of that stuff, and he's awfully sick.
                                                                  P   Brother Brigham would know what to do if he were here!

  Back in Nauvoo, guests are seldom seen,
Computers, sewing dominate the scene,
     Dreams of coming spring are everywhere.
       Please don't wake me 'til the guests appear.

                            SB  Now, why didn't I think of that?
     Rendezvous, slide show without you
                       How-ow can they quickly forget?  They'll forget
All you meant, didn't make a dent.
             Nothing's changed since you up and went!

                                                               SG  Mark my words, a year from now you'll be over Nauvoo!
                                       P   You'll be sleeping in your rosewood bed,
                                                       All        And whatever the good Lord gives us, we'll meet it together!
                                                           P      And, if our age we don't make it, well, then what the.....

Hello, everybody,'s been good to see you,...
      now that's the end of our ...., really the end of our....
                    that's the end of our show-o-o-o.  That's the end of our show!

Singing our Farewell Song- It was so sad, they wave Good bye to us as we wave back to them as we all sing Farewell to Old Navuoo.  
These are the two couples that are leaving.  President Gilliland left Saturday Jan. 18, 2014 and the    Boyer's aren't leaving until the first week in Feb.  Our new Mission President was supposed to arrive
Saturday Jan. 18th but we received an email that he is bedridden for about two weeks and may be a question if he can come at all.  Pres. Chynoweth who was the first councilor is serving as the President of the Navuoo Mission at the moment.
The sewing ladies made this quiet for President & Sister Gilliland, front of the quilt.
This is the back of the quilt and the names of all the missionaries he has been over.  
The President and his wife just kept getting gifts and gifts and they were so touched and grateful of  all the love shown to them.
Elder and Sister Taylor made a DVD with all the Missionaries telling President and Sister Gilliland how much they have loved serving with them and gave them a portable DVD so they could watched it in the car traveling home.

Sister Gilliland telling us all of her feelings and love toward's us and thanking us for all the wonderful gifts.

Elder & Sister Harris with President and Sister Gilliland

 He has been a GREAT Mission President and his wife has been the kindest woman ever. I can't believe how much they both know the Scriptures so well.  They are directed by the spirit 24/ 7.  I hope that we will have Missionary Reunions so we can see them again.
Elder and Sister Boyer came and served at Carthage Visitor Center and Jail this day January 17th.  It has been so fun to get to know this couple.  Dick and Carolyn Guymon's grandson that lived in California married the boyer's granddaughter.  So when we came on our mission we were to look them up.

      On January the 8th was our half mark of our mission.  I can't believe how fast it has gone.

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