Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Dec.31, 2013
We went to the FM building up stairs for our MTC Group Missionary Dinner. The tables were all fixed so cute and the room was decorated also by Sister McCann and Sister Murray. Their were other Missionaries that had gone home after six months so we didn't have as many as  we did when we came.  We came with 43 Missionaries in April toward the end of the Month.
                                                        HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Here is our New Year's Dance at the Family Living Center which was after the MTC Group Dinner.  Elder and Sister Harris had a lot of fun swinging.  Other Missionaries were trying to learn our dance steps.  The dance ended at 10:30 PM because Missionaries have to be in bed by that time but then we had to drive back to Carthage.

Elder & Sister Harris to the right having so much fun dancing.
Happy New Year!!!


  1. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! We just fell asleep on the couch on New Year's Eve ;) Cute collages, Beverly :)

  2. Cory and Crystal Raisor are moving to Nauvoo soon. He skyped a job interview this morning, with a place in Carthage. Cory is a physical therapy assistant. They will be needing a rental home in Carthage or Nauvoo. Do you ever hear of anything like that?

  3. Kay, That is really exciting. The community is really nice but all the members here go to Navuoo to church. Their are only 17 members here in Carthage. As we walk around town they should check with Sharpe Realty in Carthage. We do see homes for sale but their are apartments for rent also. It would be great to see them here. I do not know what places their are in Navuoo. Navuoo is a really nice place to live also but they don't have very many places to eat in the winter or the food store is not as big as it is in Carthage. Good Luck, Sister Harris