Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Experiences!!

January 22, 2014

Elder and Sister Harris are called to be the Zone Leaders which means we have to do a training meeting on Wednesday mornings once a month. We will serve with two other couples that are also called assistant Zone Leaders.  So yes we are going to move back to Navuoo in about two weeks.  we have loved serving here in Carthage and will miss the wonderful time we have felt here in the Carthage Visitor Center and Jail.  We also have to be responsible for Sacrament and the Elders that pass it, or I should say Elder Harris has that responsibility.  We also conduct Relief Society and Elder Harris will do Priesthood Meetings.  I don't know how many Districts we are over yet but it might be 6 to 8 Districts.  We are certainly going to meet a lot of  New Elders and Sisters and I hope I can remember all their names.

     We are moving into a really nice apartment but it only has one bedroom but we do have a hideaway bed and a lot of floor space for grandchildren to sleep on.  We have a very large kitchen and a washer and dryer in the kitchen,  ya ya no more down stairs to do my washing.  No more stairs to climb, Yes!!
I guess the mission field doesn't want you to feel comfortable because they really are putting us out of our comfort zone being Zone Leaders.   I know the Lord wants us to be more spiritual and helping other missionaries improve will also help us to be better missionaries.   I'm sure someday I will be grateful for this calling.  We also have to speak in Sacrament Meeting in two weeks on repentance. I guess the Lord wants me to be more humble and learn to live by the spirit.   We both know with the Lords help we can do this calling and the talks. Last Sunday I conducted the music in Sacrament Meeting and really enjoyed it.   When it gets in the summer they say we will have more missionaries than last summer.   That means we will be training about 300 missionaries, boy! that's scary.
Here are a few pictures of our new apartment in Nauvoo.

 The Christmas picture to the right I just love so I keep it up all the time.
Left is the front room.  It comes furnished.

 Here is another view of the front room.  The front room is long and at the other end is our two lap tops.

To the left you can see one door to the kitchen, and the other door to the bathroom and bedroom.

Kitchen-- This is above the

The name "Nauvoo" is between the picture of the Mississippi River and the Heber C. Kimball home to the right. The picture below is above the frig.

 The Temple Plate and Bakery is above the washer & Dryer.


This is the kitchen sink before I decorated on the top of the cupboards.

                          We had a wonderful view out the two kitchen windows every time we ate.

Thursday Jan. 23, 2014

    Here is what we did at the rest of the day.    We had a fun Preparation Day.  We went with another couple to Burlington and shopped and went out to eat and laughed and had so much fun with Elder & Sister Scott.  We went to a store that is called Stage Two and she helped me choice a black purse and a red spring coat.  We ate at a Mexican Place and it was really good.  When we got home we needed a r-e-s-t.

Friday- Jan. 24,2014

We did our Jed and Annie tonight and my husband decided he needed to spice it up so he changed a few wording to make people laugh but their was only 2 elders in the audience except for our cast that was watching the program when they could.  I'm sure Sister Kermer wasn't very happy what my husband did but she didn't say anything about it.  I think she is hoping we won't do that again.  I kept telling my husband don't do it then Sister Scott said, "Go For It".  So he changed some of the words and said, "You old Missionary Geezers" instead of saying, "You old Geezers" and that got him mixed up and in the middle he ask me to marry him instead, "Why are you leaving me Annie, why are you leaving me." Boy,  I was so surprised I didn't know what to say, then he finally came out with the right question and we went on. He said he will never do that again, I was so embarrassed, I hope he doesn't.....
            Here we are with a lot of snow still and I want to show some of the winter pictures I have.
                                                              The Nauvoo Temple

                                 Isn't this a beautiful Christmas picture of the NauvooTemple.

 This is the sleigh ride that visitors that come to visit would get to ride on when they do the carriage ride.  The horses pull the sleigh instead of the wagon when it snows, of course we haven't got to go on the sleigh ride yet,I hope it snows again so we can go on it. This picture is showing the snow.

 Here the horses are going home.  If it gets too cold they don't do the sleigh ride or the carriage ride not because it's hard on the horses but it is too cold for the driver and the Sister that is the Narrator.

                                                                                                                    This is a real bird, isn't that a beautiful pictures.  
 Elder Ballard trying to help Elder Harris keep the tractor from tipping over.  He puts his weight on the back and the tractor pushes the snow better and keeps the back tires down on the side walk.
Hello everybody!!!! I am trying to clear some of the snow in the parking lot at Carthage.

One of the home's in Hamilton  had their whole house lit up for Christmas, it was the most awesome decorations around their house.  Hear are some pictures of the front of the home. I never took any pictures of the back of the home.  
                                 Look at all the plow ups they had in the front part of the home.

On this one corner of their home they made an ice rink with the lights in the ice.
 It was the cutest thing ever.
Look at the cute bear and penguins coming down the slide.    They won the award for the most Christmas lights around their home and on top of their home at least I give them an award!!!


  1. Glad everything is going okay. The Guymons

  2. Hi it is good to hear from you, It is late give me your email and I will write to you. My email is

  3. I know change is good and you will do GREAT as zone leaders but I am sad to hear your leaving Carthage before March. Could you move into a larger place by summer, we will be awfully squashed in a one bed room place! Brent says he'll sleep in the car when we come visit, or maybe pitch a tent out on your lawn if you have any. Ha Ha.

  4. And I thought you went on a mission to have a rest from all your responsibilities at home! Didn't work out quite that way. You guys are too awesome for your own good!