Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bald Eagles Day- Keokuk, Iowa

Saturday- Jan. 18, 2014
We drove over to Keokuk to the 30th Annual Bald Eagle Appreciation Days, Jan. 18-19, 2014.
As we looked at the Bald Eagles this ranger said he had seen about 130 Bald Eagles in one hour but with that many he might have counted the Eagles more than once.

                               Here is a picture with about 11 or 13 Bald Eagles in the trees.

 Here is a Bald Eagle in Iowa.  The males weigh's about 9 pounds and  the female weigh about 13 to 15 pounds and  they are very large birds when their wings are out and are flying over the Mississippi River.

Beautiful birds!!!  We were able to zoom up to show this Bald Eagle.

This is the Mississippi River on the Keokuk side.  This is where a lot of Bald Eagles come for the winter to eat fish.

Here is a Bald Eagle in a tree zoomed up.  They are so awesome to watch.  They get nervous when someone walks close and fly out of the tree and fly over the Mississippi River.  A lot of them are across the Mississippi River sitting on the ice on the river.
   After we watched them with snow coming down on us and I was so cold even bundled with my snow cloths and boots we left and went to the River City Mall which had a movie theater and they had a movie about Bald Eagles and then talked about the birds.  As they talked about the birds they let two of them fly over our heads.  That was really cool.  Here are a few pictures I tried to get with my phone but they are not very good.  The first bird they showed us was a vulture.

 When this vulture flew over us he fly's very low and I thought he was going to hit my head.  You could feel the breeze blow your hair and when his wings are out he is very large.  It was really cool!!

                                    Another bird was an Owl!!    He also flew over us.

     Here are some pictures of the Bald Eagle which means he is an older bird when his head is white.
                                         Here is where he wanted to fly inside the movie place.

                                                 They are a very large bird and so Beautiful.

                                      Here is a brown Bald Eagle that means he is a young bird.

Here is the bird that took the money and put in the save.  This is a good way for people to donate money and then they can take care of the birds.

After the show of the birds we donated $ 5:00 dollars and gave it to the bird and he put it in the save. Then he gave me back a magnet for my frig. since I gave him 5 dollars.  It was really cool!! His beck was next to my hand as he gave me my gift.
 Here he is getting ready to give me my gift.  We had to hurry because we had to be back to work at the Carthage Visitor Center and Jail by 11:30 am.  We had a great day !!!

                 Here is a beautiful picture that Sister Money was able to catch, Awesome!!
                                                Notice the Bald Eagle has a fish to eat!!

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  1. Aren't missions interesting? We "oldies" get so much more latitude to experience other things while we serve. So glad you are having a great time!