Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Friends from Blanding

Tuesday- January 28, 2014
We were so surprised when Cory and Crystal Raisor and his brother, sister, and mom walked into the Carthage Visitor Center and Jail.  They have rented a home in Hamilton, Illinois and he will be working here in Carthage.  Grandma Kay Jones has been telling me that they were coming.  It was so neat to give them the tour of the Jail.
                                                    Here are some picture of us together.
Elder & Sister Harris, Crystal & Cory Raisor

            This is Cory's mother and Sister Harris showing the Parlor Room in the Carthage Jail.

In the evening we went to Susan Durrant's talk and she talked about the Twelve Apostles in Joseph Smith time and that only three Apostles stayed true to the Apostleship. It was so amazing how much she knows about Joseph Smith's life.  We just love going to her lectures just like we love to hear La Grand Black give lectures. They certainly touch our souls..

Wednesday- Jan. 29, 2014
The Raisor's came to the Rendezvous this night to watch Elder & Sister Harris do their Jed & Annie part.  It was so fun to hear them laugh and laugh.  The whole program is so much fun to watch and be in.  The spirit is so strong when we are performing in any of the program whether singing or saying a small part or whatever we do.  We just love it.

This is a picture after Rendezvous, Elder & Sister Maughan, Cory's brother's wife is a niece to the sister Maughan and they are by her husband, Sister & Elder Harris, Cory & Crystal wearing our Rendezvous hats.

                                            These are the Rendezvous pictures they sent me.

Here is Sister Harris in the right in Relief Society  and
to the left I was in the Streets song.  Right side Elder and Sister Harris doing Jed & Annie at the starting of it.  The left picture we were just singing.

Here is Jed asking Annie to Marry him.

Here is where at the end I say to Jed,"O Jed, you'll never change."

Thursday- Jan. 30, 2014
 Today is our preparation day so off we go to Quincy to Elder Harris's appointment at 8:30 am.  The doctor said since he is improving that he doesn't have to have another MRI.  They called and said they wanted to do another one because of some artifacts but he is doing well.  He has no more headaches and his eyes have come back to seeing only one thing instead of two.  I call this a Nauvoo Miracle.  He is going to have some other tests, Ultrasound to check out his arteries in his neck and check out his heart to make sure he doesn't have mini strokes.  This is good to make sure everything is good.

Friday- Jan 31, 2014
The Winklers came to serve at the Carthage Jail and Visitor Center today so we invited them to stay and eat supper with us.  They are such a fun couple to get to know.

    Elder Winkler on the left and Sister Winkler on the right.  They went to see the Abe Lincoln Museum.


  1. Cory and Crystal were really excited to be able to visit with you, and Crystal was delighted that you remembered them. Love the picture.

  2. We were thrilled to see them also. Thanks for looking at our blog. Sister Harris