Sunday, December 1, 2013

Busy December 2013

Dec. 1- 2013- Sunday,
Went to church at 8:00 am until 11:00 am. Watched that evening the Presidency's Christmas Program at home on our lap top.  It was so beautiful, the Tabernacle Choir and the program.  The love we have for the Savior we need to have all year long.  This is the month that we celebrate the birth of Christ. About November 17, we decorated the Carthage Visitor Center for Christmas.  Here are some pictures.  I decorated the Christmas tree because Sister Ballard said she doesn't do that very well but she did put on some Christmas balls.  She is talented more than she thinks because she did fix other decorations around the place and it is a beautiful place to see.

This is the Beautiful Nativity Set

We had two sisters come here and serve and they fixed the Nativity like this and we really liked it and so we left it there way.
They fixed it to look like a poor side to the left and the richer side to the right.
 These two wreaths are on the back door if someone comes into the Visitor Center this way.

We have about 13 Poinsettias around the place.

                               Here are a few pictures up close to see the tree better.


Beautiful Ornaments

 These are the gifts under the tree. The Spirit of Christmas, Friendship, Love, Hope, Faith, Joy packages.
Elder Harris by the front door.


This is the wreath that is on the movie room door.

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  1. Such a beautiful way to spend Christmas! Happy New Year! We love ya.