Monday, December 2, 2013

More activities in December 2013

Monday- Dec. 2, 2013
We did the tours at the Carthage Visitor Center and Jail all day then we ran to Nauvoo to do our Rendezvous, Jed and Annie.

Tuesday- Dec 3, 2013
We served at Visitor Center & Jail then off to practice the Live Nativity which we will do this Friday Dec. 6th. Sister Harris sings with the angels and Elder Harris is a shepherd.  Every Thursday Sister Harris practices in the Messiah but this week I had Rendezvous that night and couldn't practice but I did go practice on Saturday afternoon.

Friday- Dec. 6, 2013
This is the night of the Christmas Walk in Old Nauvoo. We have really worked hard on a song that we see to light up the Christmas Tree in the Nauvoo Visitor Center.  It was amazing how many hundreds of people came to this program.  It was so fun to sing the song in the baloney and we used small flash lights that were covered with red, green, and blue paper so when we shined the light on the ceiling it was really cool.  Then at the end of the song we put our flash lights on the Big Tree and the tree lights up.  Everyone loved it. Then all of us that was in the nativity had to run to the Cultural Hall to change into our clothing for the nativity.  They had the wagons with the horses outside the Nauvoo Visitor Center to take the people to the Cultural Hall or to 4 other sites where Christmas stories were told.   People were everywhere.   Some missionaries were singing around some barrels caroling.  The fences had lights that lit up the pathway from the Cultural Hall to the other sites.
     The Nativity was done twice so we missed all the stories being told.
                                          Here is Elder Harris as a shepherd.

Isn't this beautiful- the backdrop was from last years, awesome!!


Here are the Wise men singing the song to Baby Jesus.

                            Here are the Angles singing about six songs during the live Nativity.
                            Back Lt. to Rt- Sister Mc Cann, Sister Jones, Sister Harris,
                            Front Lt. to Rt- Sister Salcido, Sister Bogaski, Sister Bennion, Sister Hoen

      We are missing Sister Pixlar. She is in the picture to the left below in the middle with red hair.

         The piano player alternates and so one of them can sing with the us so we have eight Angles.

A week later on a Sunday night we did the Live Nativity again on the stage without the back drop so the missionaries could see it.
Here is a picture of the whole Nativity on the stage.
This is Elder Harris & Elder Broadbent & Elder Williams

After the Nativity I had to run to a barrel because at 8:15 pm I was in charge of the carolers that would be singing around the barrel in front of the Tin Shop.  When I arrived to relieve the group that was there they told me of the bad accident that happened to Sister Mendenhall. The wind pull her dress close to the bottom of the barrel and she had her back to the barrel to get warm.  Her dress caught on fire and the fire went up her back so fast when the others saw she was on fire. They tried to tell her to drop and roll but she was so frightened then all of a sudden she fell to the ground and they started rolling her to get the fire out. She really did have a guardian angel helping her.   They called the ambulance and she went to a burned unit in Iowa.  Her and her husband would be going home from their mission in a few days.  It was so sad but here it is Dec. 27 and she is healing so fast and doing well that she is going home today.  She was burned up her legs and bottom.  She had some third degree burns so they did skin graphs and with the whole missionaries praying for her she healed faster than the doctors thought she would. She said she felt gods arms around her as she was laying in the burn unit.  She has had many trials on her mission.  When she first came on her mission she slipped on the ice and broke her foot.  She was in a cast for 3 months and then she had pneumonia three times and now she gets burned.  She says the Lord has something for her to learn but I tell you she is a wonderful missionary and person and I have been blessed to know her.  She lived in Blanding for about 3 years and remembers Elder Harris as a scout master. I know she will be okay because of the great service she has given to others.

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