Sunday, December 22, 2013

Jed & Jenny's Christmas with us.

Jed and Jenny and family arrived Sunday night, Dec. 22, 2013 at Carthage.  They were with us until after the Christmas Dinner Dec. 25, 2013 when they had to go home. I felt bad we didn't get family pictures with all of them while they were here.  We had so much fun playing Uno with the children and Jed and Jenny.  We had to serve at the Carthage Jail & Visitor Center while they were here but they did do a Sleigh ride with the horses pulling the sleigh out in the country and went tubing in Nauvoo. They had a lot of fun.  They do a sleigh ride instead of a wagon ride when it snows.

 Jed & Jenny's family with Elder and Sister Harris(Grandparents) Christmas at Carthage, Illinois.

                                            Opening Christmas gifts on Christmas morning.

                                    Jed gave his wife a beautiful ring and she was so thrilled.

                    Sister Harris made these dolls for every women in our family for Christmas.

I got this picture of Christ Birth for 2013 Christmas

       A thumb war game that Jed loves to play with his children and now he has the broad game.
                                                          This family loves Star Wars
                                                           Jed's rob he got for Christmas
It was great to have Jed's family come from Wisconsin for our Christmas 2013 at Carthage, Illinios.

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