Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Fun

July 14, 2013- Sunday,

We had a deer in our back yard tonight so I and Elder Harris took some pictures.

We didn't have to do any sites today so we have been just laying around and reading.  We did go for a ride on a road that we hadn't been on before.  Their are quite a few homes down on the Mississippi river that we didn't know where there.  Their are places you can dock boats and people are fishing on the M. River.  There are quite a few homes for sale if anyone wants to buy a home in  Nauvoo.

 These are the horses that pull the wagons, aren't they pretty.

I zoomed up for this one, they are pretty big horses.

This is a hanging basket by my front pouch.

Some  of my other flowers have been dying, I'm not so good at growing flowers in Nauvoo. 
Bye for now, great Sunday today.  We had a fireside at 7:00 pm. Tell about it later.

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