Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nauvoo Pageant and Family

July 9, 2013

Hi to all of you.  Last night Sister Harris and I attended the dress rehearsal of the Nauvoo Pageant. My goodness, what a remarkable experience.  I would that all of my family and friends could have the marvelous feelings of the spirit that came and were so strong throughout that experience.  I fail in language to adequately express the emotions that I felt in viewing the pageant.  I am so greatful for each of our ancestors who felt that same spirit and joined the church, leaving their family and friends, homes and businesses to gather with the saints.  I have often wondered if I would have been so courageous if I would have been the first to hear the gospel in my family.  Last night the spirit whispered to my soul,  YES, I would have felt the same in the 1840's as I felt last night.  I hope I would have had the courage to act upon that.

We consistently meet people who come to Nauvoo because they feel the spirit.  A man told me last week that much of his conversion occurred here, feeling the spirit of Nauvoo.  Often it is almost tangible.

 Time to go--the corn and soybeans are growing like there is no tomorrow--what little wheat there is has been harvested--when I see those big green combines in the fields, I sure would like to ride with them for a while.

Ken was here last week for a night; Jed and Jennie and kids were here last week and the Siverts from Blanding--fun, fun, fun.     Elder Harris

Today, July 9, 2013

It was fun when David and Cindy Jensen their son came into the Seventies Hall where I was doing the site.  All of Jerry & Dorothy's family are here on a family reunion.  I hope I get to see them while they are here in Nauvoo, they have many plans to try and see many sites and programs.  Elder Harris said he was at Browning guns when he saw, David & Cindy and their son and also Nicole and Brady and their family.

Monday- July 8, 2013

 We were done with our site at the Pioneer Past Time, at the park by 1:00 pm so we drove to Burlington to the  JoAnn's Store and as we went over the Bridge across to Ft. Madison we were stopped on the bridge because it was opened up for a Barge to go through.  Here are some pictures I took with my camera.

                This is where the Barge is starting to go through the opened part of the bridge.

This is where the Barge is coming out the other side of the bridge.  I zoomed up to show the Barge.

The engine is pushing the cargo going up the Mississippi River

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        This is the full length of the Barge.

Here is where the bridge is closing together where we can drive across the bridge again. This is so  cool the way it works.

 Last Saturday-July 6, 2013

The Siverts are here on a family reunion also and they came to the Scovil Bakery while I was serving there they surprised me.  It was so fun to give them the tour of this site. It was fun to here what was happening in the town of Blanding.  Sister Harris

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