Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Special Temple Session

Tuesday- Aug. 19, 2014
 Went to work at FM today in the gardens.  We worked around the yard at one of our older single sister's home.  We worked for about l hour when it started to lightening and thundering.  When it started to ran we returned to FM since the rain was coming down hard now.  The boss told us to go home and go to the temple.  Wow,we were all excited about that!! I was so excited because last week we had a cast party where all the cast members would go to the temple together.  I had 6 names to pass out but two other sisters also were passing out names so I took mine which were my husbands names and put back in my purse. The 4 sisters that were with me didn't have any names and they were glad to do my husband's names. Several of the names were mother and daughter's names.  It was a special session with the sisters that I work with every Tuesday.  I did Lillian E. James and just before I was to take her through the veil she was with me.  I felt her spirit and I cried and cried because the spirit was so strong, I new she was by my side.  I had prayed this morning that I could have a special experience.  I tell you when you ask the lord with real sincerity for certain things he does hear and answer prayers.  How blessed I felt to have that special experience here in the Nauvoo Temple.  Thank you children and grandchildren always praying for us while we are serving here on our mission.
See the Lord hears your prayers also.  What a wonderful day, I hope and pray that we can endure to the end.
Love Life!! Mom, Grandmother or Sister Harris.

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