Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mark Twain Boat at Hannibal, Missouri

Thursday- August 14, 2014
It is our preparation day again and the Scott's and Harris' decided we needed to travel and see some sites in this area before we go home in two months but the Scott's go home in September.  So we went to Hannibal, Missouri and went on Mark Twain's Boat ride.  It was so cool, here are some pictures as we walked to the boat.  We found out a few minutes later that this boat was not the boat we would be on.  This was a Cruise Ship just docked here for the day. It is called "Queen Of  The Mississippi." It was really cool!!

We needed to walk up the path way a quarter of a mile then we saw the boat we were to be on.
Here is Elder Harris standing in between the boats.
                                             See the water fountain behind Elder Harris.
As we were walking to our boat ride we past this really cool bird houses put together.  This is there own little bird town.

Here Sister Harris and Sister Scott at the entrance of the Mark Twain Riverboat.

This is at the beginning of the Mark Twain Riverboat, " ALL ABOARD"  Left- E/S Scott and S/E Harris.
                Here Elder Harris and S/E Scott's sitting at our table outside the Riverboat on the deck.  They blow the whistle, one long horn blow and 2 short horn blows then one more a little longer.  That lets the town know that the Mark Twain Riverboat is leaving the port.
This is where we bought our tickets and loaded on the Mark Twain Riverboat.  We have just backed out of the port
                             Elder Harris holding our tickets!! To bad we're not on the boat below!!
The Riverboat we were in went past the Queen of the Mississippi Cruise Ship. I took some pictures of this big paddle wheel Cruise Ship.

 Here are some pictures of the top, side and the very front of the Cruise Ship below. They docked here at Hannibal for the day so the passenger could shop at the stores and walk around the town and go see the cave if they want too.
      We are traveling up the river and here are some pictures.  It was a very nice smooth ride.
                                                         We past a docking area.
           We were sitting just behind these people at a table close to the front of the boat.  You can see the bridge that we went over to get here in Hannibal, Missouri.  Here are some closer pictures of the bridge.  It is opened but I don't know why.

 The measurements to the left show's how much space is between the Mississippi River and the bridge.
I zoomed up from the boat and showed the diesel going across the bridge, cool-huh.
I caught this fishing boat as they zoomed past us.  It was by the bridge.

 I will show you a light house in these next pictures that we went past.  I zoomed up my camera to get the light house. It is way upon the hill top.

Here is the light house further back.

Elder & Sister Scott standing on the side of the deck on the boat as they watch the land go by.

Below are some pictures of a company that is called Storrs' ice  & Coal Co. from the Mississippi River to use later. They would cut out the ice in the Mississippi River in the winter time and stored it in these buildings in saw dust and straw. They would sale the ice to Restaurants and places.  This was really interesting because I would have thought that it would have melted before they could have used the ice. I don't know where they stored the coal.

This is more pictures where they store ice in these buildings.

This is what they call this place, Storrs' ice & Coal Co.

This is where the boat turned around to head down the River.


                         Here are some more scenery as the Riverboat goes down the River.

 Left side- Barge far away.
 Right side-  I zoomed up to show this barge that is way down the Mississippi River.  It is just their waiting for some other boat to pick it up and move it.
           We walked up on top of the boat and wanted to see the paddle wheel that is moving the boat.
Here is Elder Harris having a fun time by the flag at the end of the boat.
                                                                               Good Looking Man!!!
  Here is where the paddle wheel is under this red cover  You can see our reflection on the cover taking the picture.  Below are some more scenery as we traveled the River.

I zoomed up to show what was on some of the land we were passing by.

This is the Island that Mark Twain and Tom Sawyer was on. 

This rock is called- Lovers Leap- This boy and girl are from two different tribes that didn't like each other.  They were to never do anything with each other. This boy and girl would always meet on the rock but one day the girl's father who was the chief of the tribe found them on the rock. The father pulled out his arrow and was going to shot when the boy and girl jumped off the rock.  The captain of the boat was telling the story.
Any way it sounds like a pretty far fetched story to me because he said they lived and lived happy ever after.
To the right is another pictures of the captain inside where he drives the boat.  Elder Harris is walking around to the front of the boat.

                             Here are some pictures of us in the front of Mark Twain Riverboat.

Sister and Elder Harris on Mark Twain Riverboat in Hannibal, Missouri.

Looking out of the boat on the shore is this mansion to the left of the picture, the captain is telling us about it so I zoomed up to show it, on the right.  Petty awesome, huh. When we got to the end of our trip on the Mississippi River we turned around by this buoy below. 

On our way back we saw this house on the shore line.

 Here is a cool bridge- left and pictures of what we saw as we went back to the port.  To the left is the town.
When we got off the Riverboat I took this picture across the Mississippi River.  Some one is having a fun time on the water.
Sister Harris & Sister Scott coming off the boat.  This is a really cool piece of wood that they sit the flowers in.

Left- This is Mark Twain and Elder Scott to the right.
We are now going shopping into town.  We went to this pottery store and this man named Mr. Ayer makes this neat pottery and he signed our cards.  I bought some really neat pottery and here is a picture of us all below.

Sister Harris, worker and Mr. Ayer, who makes the pottery and Sister & Elder Scott.
We went walking down the street looking at all the stores.
We walked past this wall which you could go inside and they would give you a tour about Mark Twain's Museum.

Here is the Museum.

 Here is a really cool mail box that was by the fence close to the Museum.

                                             Just walking down the streets in Hannibal.
You could have a ride around town on a Trolley Car but we wanted to walk.  
These next pictures were a different kind of store.  
                                                        Look at this two dolls!!
 There were a lot of movie stars that were dolls in this store and stuff, you couldn't believe all the stuff that was here.                      Here is Harry Potter and his friend!!!                                      

 Most the children would love this one because many of them loves Harry Potter books.
      Look at these dolls to the left and to the right I decided that Jed would like this one since he loves Star Wars.                            
Cool old car parked on the streets.
           Here is Elder Harris waiting by the car to go home.  I think he looks like he is down.

 Behind where Elder Harris was standing was this neat plant. I don't know what kind of a fruit or something that is on it.  Anyway when the Scott's got to the car we decided to walk part way up these steep stairs to where the light house was. We took some pictures by the Statures.

                                                      Mark Twain and Tom Sawyer

 Left is Elder & Sister Scott in front of the stature.   Right is Elder Harris in front of the stature.

 Elder Harris saying "Hi" or "Good-by"

Elder and Sister Harris climbed up these steep stairs to the light house but we stopped at this 1st level.  You can see the town from here.

We are leaving now and have had a wonderful day here in Hannibal, Missouri.

 As we were traveling on the River Road to go home to Nauvoo we saw this Cruise Ship and the man on our Riverboat told us that this Cruise Ship would be docking this evening in Hannibal so we stopped and took some pictures of it.  That was so cool to see it going down Mississippi River.
                                               Farewell until we're on the road again!!!

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