Saturday, August 30, 2014

Grape Vine Race- In Nauvoo

Saturday- Aug. 30, 2014
Elder and Sister Harris signed up to walk in the Grape Vine Race today.  We walked a 5K which is 3.1 miles.  It took Sister Harris 54.56 minutes and Elder Harris 55.09 minutes, He was only 13 Sec. behind me.         
Here we are ready to start the race!!

We are off walking our three point one miles. Sister Scott, Sister Harris, and Elder Harris
Sister Harris finishing the race!!
                  Sister Scott came in next and then Elder Harris!!

Elder and Sister Harris at the beginning and finishing of the race!!

As you can see Elder Harris Won 1st. Place for his age.   He got this medal he is showing you.  Sister Harris won 9th place for her age.   Sister Scott walked with us and she was really having a hard time so I stayed with her until the last part then I left Elder Harris and Sister Scott and finished before them both. I could have gone faster because I didn't even sweat.  But that's OK because we still had a lot of fun walking with a group of missionaries.  Here below Elder Harris is showing you the back of the medal he won.  I was really proud he walked because I had to beg him to sign up.  It was an easy walk, no hills.  We just walked down at the flats and around the water road by the Mississippi River and up Parley Street and across on main street to the Nauvoo Visitor Center made a U turn and down main street again until you got to Print shop then turned left and walked back to the River Road, 96 and to the State Park.

COOL!!! Huh!!! See Grandpa isn't so Old!!!

To the left is Margaret; she does my hair and she was over the Grape  Festival, " Toe the Vine". Her daughter Mary is next to her  and Margaret's husband and Sister Harris.  Margaret was the one who talked me into doing the race.  We had to talk to the scheduler to make sure we had an afternoon schedule.  So we didn't have to serve in our Sites until 12:00 noon.   Elder Harris also won some cup coolers from Margaret's shop, "Shear Design."  It was a fun morning!!
Here are some more winners!! Sister Udall, Sister Salcido, Sister Brown, Elder Harris and Elder Johnson who won a trophy for his 1st. place finish as a runner.
                                           Cute Picture below!!!!
Here are all the missionaries that did the grape vine walk or run!!
 To the left, Sister Salcido and Sister Brown are the two secretaries of the Nauvoo Mission. Sister Salcido going home and Sister
 Brown will be the secretary now. Cute Sisters!!! 

This picture has the two Elders with us, Sisters.  What a fun time we had!!! 


  1. I love your pictures and really enjoy your blog.

  2. Congrats you two. Next up, Ironman right dad! Can't wait to see you guys in a month.