Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day-Feb 14-14

Friday- Feb. 14, 2014
This is Valentine's Day and we got permission to have a Valentine's Dance on the original floor on the 3rd floor at the Cultural Hall.  There has not been a large group of Missionaries before to get this opportunity to have a dance up there.  We had our live band which where the Missionaries and the string band played up in the balcony, it was awesome.  We had refreshments up there on a table and to know this is the floor that Joseph and Emma danced on was so special.
                                          Here are some pictures I took at the dance.
Sister and Elder Harris dancing on the original flooring at the Cultural Hall.

Here is the original floor on the 3rd floor at the Cultural Hall

Sister Campbell

Elder and Sister Germer                                                      Sister Jones

Above are the String band in the Balcony playing while we listen to them for a floor show.
This is the original floor we danced on.
                  Here I am in the Balcony taking the pictures of the Missionaries Dancing.

 This is the floor that Joseph and Emma dance on, isn't that awesome!!

Sister Salcido taking picture of me as I take a picture of her from the balcony.

Elder & Sister Campbell, Elder Harper and Elder and Sister Germer, who is the Rendezvous directer and is going home in March.  Her Husband is the great musician of the Nauvoo Mission.

Left- Sister & Elder Campbell--
Right Sister Ballard and below Sister and Elder Ballard that we served with in Carthage Visitor Center and Jail.

         Elder & Sister Rob Taylor.  They take all our pictures and make a Slide Show ever month.

These are the Chandlers that hang down from the ceiling over the dance floor. I am taking these pictures from the Balcony.
 This is Elder Germer.  He plays about any instrument in the band. He is such a good musician, he is amazing.
Here is Elder Pixler and Elder Bennion they also love to play in bands. They are really good. What a wonderful night we had on Valentine's Day.

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  1. We miss you! and are glad you have fun while serving too.