Friday, February 7, 2014

Missionaries going Home-Mar. 2014

Friday- March 7, 2014
Well I got up really early to go to the Farewell Breakfast at & 6:30 AM. Elder Harris had to announce the program and all the Missionaries that would be leaving us. This is always a tender occasion. Here are some pictures of the Missionaries.

These are all the Missionaries that are leaving and going home in the Month of March.
 Sister and Elder Germer

Dr. or Elder Miller

                                 Elder & Sister

  Elder & Sister Paystrup                                                                               Sister & Elder Reidhead

Sister & Elder Boyle
                                                           Sister & Elder Monney
Elder Hansen is the best MC for the program.   The Missionaries do a program when they leave.

End of Missionaries going home!!

These are some of the Single Senior Missionaries 
                                                    Sister Hoen, Sister Davis, and Sister Redd
Here are the cute table decorations for St. Patrick's Day.
Some more single Senior Missionaries and Sister Jones.
Sister Owens, Sister Murray, and Sister McCann

                     Some of the Missionaries that are staying though the summer, Elder & Sister Gneiting.
                                                                Sister & Elder White
 Here is only one view of part of the Missionaries that are eating at the tables.  President Chynoweth to the right.

The other half of the Missionaries at the tables.  We sure have a lot of couple Missionaries in the Nauvoo Mission.  We just love them all.  We will have more coming in April 2014.

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