Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day- 11 May 2014

Sunday- May 11, 2014
Happy Mother's Day to all the women in our life's.   This has been a wonderful Mother's Day.  I received a bouquet of flowers from J.B. & Loni and flowers from Kisti-Jo's family  and many gifts from the Bonney's.  Thank you all for the wonderful Birthday and Mother's Day cards.  I really like the home made cards that you children made for us.  The cards the Christensen sent sang to us, we laughed, and laughed, loved them all. Brad and Megan thanks for all your help in sending our mail to us.  We love all the decorated things that Kavan and Teagen made for us and Spencer's sons Jackson and Porter made for us. Thank you Kim for that special Young Women Booklet, the stories are so spiritual.  They helped me draw closer to the spirit.   It is great to have the support on our Nauvoo Mission from our children.  We love you all so much!!
                            Here are the flowers in our patio that Elder Harris bought me for Mother's Day and my Birthday.

 This flower has the largest blossoms of all the flowers in our patio.  It will bloom all summer with very little water.

This was the prettiest Begonia ever.  I could see this flower all the time hanging from my kitchen window.  Then I watered it too much and it died so I bought two impatiences to put in its place.

    Here is a fence line of flowers in our patio.  We can see all these flowers from our kitchen table out the corner window.
                        What a pretty corner of flowers.  Below is flowers that we, Sister Jones and I planted along the length of the patio.


      Here are the two impatiences hanging from our kitchen window. Elder Harris wanted them for his Father's Day gift.  He does really enjoy flowers also and he even waters them most of the time.

This is another planter that I planted by the back door. These are the Begonia's in the planter above.

Here is another planter on our patio.

This is the flower that the Christensen's gave to me for Mother's Day and my Birthday.          


These are the roses sent from J.B. & Loni and Olive.


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