Saturday, August 1, 2015

Two Baptisms and a Baby Blessing

Saturday- August 1, 2015

Saturday Morning at 9:00 AM was Mark Hunter Bonney's Baptism in Orem, Utah.

Mark's dad Ken Bonney Baptized his son in Orem, Utah.

Ken and  Tami Bonney with Mark before his Baptism.

Grandpa Jim and Grandma Beverly Harris with Mark.   Grandpa Jim Confirmed Mark a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and gave him the Holy Ghost.    Brent gave the talk on Baptism and he did an excellent job.  He truly looked like a Missionary....
 The Bonney family- Derek, Tami (Mother) and Ken (Father), Brent, Mark, Caroline and Kyler.
After the baptism we were all invited to the Bonney's home/garage where the table was set for a few refreshments.  Grandma Beverly was asked to give the opening prayer in Marks Baptism.

Saturday- Aug. 1, 2015 the same day at 11:00 AM Kavan Reeves Harris was Baptized  by his father Bradley Robert Harris in Kearns, Utah.   Grandpa Jim and Grandma Beverly was asked to lead the music at the Baptism so they didn't go to Tami's home because I was nervous I would be late to lead the music.   Everyone made it to the baptism before it got started.  Both baptisms were very special and the spirit touched my heart.

Here are some pictures of the family and friends that came to Kavan's Baptism and Preston Dodge Harris's baby blessing.

Megan's family picture. Bradley Robert Harris did the Baby Blessing and named him Preston Dodge Harris. Bradley did a really good job.  Here are some pictures of that special baby....

             Preston Dodge Harris Baby Blessing- with Grandpa Jim and Grandma Beverly.
             Grandma Beverly made the white Baby Blessing afghan blanket for Preston.
What a beautiful Baby Boy!!

Aunt Kisti-Jo, Grandpa Jim and Aunt Tami.

Bradley and Teagen- middle brother.
Kim's roommate Jen (non member) and Grandma Bev.

Blue booties made by Megan's Grandmother for the baby blessing.
Megan a proud mother of her cute baby boy Preston.

Cousins- Jens, Mark, Porter, Kavan, and Derek.

Aunt Kim and Aunt Tami and Spencer with Preston.

Mark and Kavan cutting their Birthday Cake both are 8 years old.

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