Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Last Day at the Nauvoo Temple

Tuesday- Oct. 7, 2014

Well, we got up early and read scriptures that just makes the day better.

We went to the Nauvoo Temple and Elder Harris and I did a lot of Sealings which was Elder Harris's family names.  We had a great morning and when it was over I asked a worker in the Temple if we could go up to the top of the Temple since we go home tomorrow.  He said he had time so he went and ask President McArthur if we could and he gave him the key to open the door so we could walk way up high, which would be 72 or 74 steps to get to the top of the Temple.  On the 5th floor is where they do live marriages and sealings.  We had never been on that floor before and he showed us the Sealing Room.  It was beautiful with light lime green chairs that matched the lime green in the carpet.  He also showed us the rooms where children play and the waiting room for family members to wait until they go in the Sealing Room and watch their family be Sealed.  We had never seen any of this before.  We tried to attend the Nauvoo temple once a week and most the time we have completed that goal.

Then he unlocked the door to go up stairs.  As we climbed the stairs you could see the space between all the stairs.  I became a little nervous since I am afraid of heights.  We were up in the square area of the temple; then we were where the bell is.  We were so glad that it was not the time for the bell to ring.  It rings every hour and when it is 8:00 a.m.  It rings 8 times and then 9 times and then 10 times and so on.  Then we climbed up one more level.  Elder Harris and I walked around and looked out the 4 windows that are around by the clocks.   When we looked below us we could see the blue star windows.

As we looked up we could see the top where Angel Moroni would be.  I said I was high enough and was contended to not walk up one more level.  We could look up and see it.

Boy, it was some kind of a thrilled to looked out and see all over Nauvoo and see the Mississippi River and across the river.  We looked all around the temple and saw everything, really cool!!! As we started walking down the stairs my thighs were really sore and so were Elder Harris's.  The temple worker took us over and let us look down the round stairs.   It looked so cool as we looked from the top to the basement which was the baptism floor.  Then we walked down several floors to the dressing rooms.  Our thighs were burning as we walked out of the temple.  The whole experience was so beautiful that we took many pictures outside the temple. It was worth the walk to the top.

I took Elder Harris's picture as we walked down the stairs of the Temple. Here he is waving good-bye.
We were sad this was our last time to be in the Nauvoo Temple since we leave and go out west tomorrow morning, Oct. 8, 2014.  Here is Sister Harris standing in the front of the temple sign.

A young family just got to Nauvoo and offered to take our picture together.  It was wonderful to meet kind people and to have such beautiful flowers on the Temple grounds and Memories of Special  times in the Temple!! We will miss this Temple!!!

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