Friday, September 26, 2014

On to Horicon, Wisconsin

Friday, Sept. 26, 2014
Well, Elder and Sister Harris went on the road again but this time we went to visit our son Jed Harris and his family in Horicon, Wisconsin.  We got up early Friday morning and took our trailer to help Jed and Jenny move some things to their new home. We saw the most beautiful sunrise, so here is a picture.
We wanted to visit Jed and Jenny and their family before next week when we will travel home from the end of our mission on Oct. 8, 2014. Jenny has be painting the  new house for several days and isn't done yet. As we were traveling to Wisconsin our left tire on the car went flat so it took us about two hours longer to get there.
This is the tire after it is fixed.
We finally arrived about 2:30 PM and went to their new home which is still in Horicon, Wisconsin.  It is a very large home with a really nice kitchen with all new applicants and it has a formal dinning room with a large front room.  You go down a few stairs and you are in a long large family room and it has a extra bedroom and all the hall ways are wide. It has 5 bath rooms in it with a really nice long fruit room with shelves already put in.  It has a double garage and a deck out the dinning room.  From the front door you can go up a few stairs and their is 4 bed rooms  and a bath room in the master bed room and a bathroom for the children's bed rooms.  Jed has a room that is all his and he can do whatever he wants in that room.  Wow! this home has a lot of storage space.  I think Jenny is really going to enjoy having places to put everything away. We are very happy for them.
Saturday- Sept. 27, 2014
Jed had to go to work in the morning so we helped Jenny clean out things in the barn and take to the dump.  Then in the afternoon Jed was running late so we went to an Halloween place without him. It is called, Waldvogel Farm.  Here are some pictures of things we did.  What a fun day we spent with Emma, Ashton, and Jacob our three grandchildren, and their mom, Jenny.

 Left is Ashton having a good time and Right is Emma,     "Help Me Somebody!"
    What jokers they are!!                              
To the right looking at all the fun things we can do. Jacob in the middle, innocent one....

This is at the front of the Halloween games. Their sure are a lot of pumpkins here.
Here Jenny and Jacob are going to buy some small rubber ducks so we can race then in the p.v. pipes. To the right are the geese behind them by the pond.

             The race is on......Jacob and Emma racing the ducks....

Ashton is at the end and sends the ducks back.  Grandma Harris is racing Ashton and his duck beats me every time. It was a really fun game.

We played this game along time because it was so much fun.....

Left, Elder Harris Grandpa having fun with Jacob.
 Right, Emma is really getting into this game.  She won a few times but Ashton won the most of the time.
 Off to another game or pet the rabbits.

                              We walked past this so we measured Emma... 
We are on our way to get Emma's face painted.                              Here are the cute pictures....

           This is really good the way she paints Emma's face.

                    Here is the lady that paints Emma face....
                                       Pretty Girl Emma!!!!

Ashton and Jacob in the Stage Coach.  Elder Harris is below.

     Sister Harris by the stage coach.  Emma inside the stage coach.

       Here is Emma waving Good-Bye from the Stage Cough...

Jenny left is trying to get the three children to share the game-- Bowling with a small Pumpkins.

All right it is Ashton's turn at this game, to the right.  He does pretty well knocking most the pins down.
Jacob says,"You better move Ashton or your going to get hit as I throw this small pumpkin to knock the pins down." Ashton is saying," but it is my turn."  Any way Ashton moves because Mom said," let Jacob throw the pumpkin and then you can have a turn." 
Here below are what the poor pumpkins look like with cracks and smashed look. Their weren't  very many good ones left since this was at the late afternoon and games were getting done for the day.

Here we are on the Train Ride that takes us around the corn patch.
We wave to the small train station to the right.

Grandpa Harris says, "here we go!!" to the right.

These are all the things we saw as we rode around the corn patch on the train.

We past the pond. Where are the ducks?
                                     A Hobo Camp- Scary!!

We past children playing games and a goat eating.

        Ashton and Emma looking at the corn patch for a surprise!!

We look to the right and then the left.  Look out!!!

Yike, What is that?
We went through a tunnel and this is what was in it, first to the upper right and next  right and left. 
Here is where we got off the train.  It was fun to see the different scary things they had for us.
As soon as we got off others are hurrying on the train.

We walked over to see more things and found this beautiful water fall.  Elder Harris is standing in front of the pond and the Autumn leaves are wonderful!!
This is the water fall and pond. Isn't it beautiful!!!
We walked over to this place where you can see the people comeing out of the mountain side like a bullet.   Boy! the children really had a blast as they come shooting out of this tube.

Emma was having a blast and the two boys never wanted to stop.
Even Jenny wanted to get involved in this ride.  Jenny and Jacob saying "Wee, What a ride!"
Sister Harris is nervous in tube like rides so she didn't want to do it. There are two rides, one is straight down and the other one is bumpier but the family loved the bumpier and faster ride.
Ashton went down the bumpy ride.  To the left you can see the other ride which is the straight ride.

Jacob says, "What a Ride!"

We finally went on the car ride here.  Emma, Ashton, Jenny and Jacob. One time Jacob wanted to grab a car and other kid ran him over. It wasn't very safe the way they had it  fixed. You run into the middle of the track to get a car.  Emma did pretty good but Ashton couldn't peddle his car because his seat was back too far so he wasn't going very fast and other kids had to drive around him and try not to hit him. 

Here is Ashton trying to make his car work he was so upset.  He tried to trade cars but kids grab them quick.
Emma she goes around and around.  What fun she had...
After a while we left to do something else because it was getting time to close so here is what we did next.
Emma in the tepee and Jacob and Ashton inside the tepee.
Here comes Ashton out of the Tepee and here he is as an indian, he looks mad...
This pumpkin launcher was the best!!! Here is Ashton and Grandpa Harris working together to do this. What a Blast!!!
 Below the boy is getting it cocked and then they put in a small pumpkin and aim to the large wooden pumpkin at the end of the field.  Grandpa says,"This is heavy to hold." You pay for each pumpkin you launch so they only did two.  Boy they said that was so funnnnn.  They actually hit the large pumpkin both times.

 To the left is the pumpkin that they hit....

Well, we're all done and proud of our selves.  Elder Harris (Grandpa) and Ashton and Jenny watch as well as Sister Harris taking pictures.  It is time to go right next door to the Spook Ally.

Jenny, Emma, and Jacob should we go in, I'm nervous.  But they walk through the beginning of the spook ally.  To the right Ashton says should I go in, I'm nervous. He keeps opening the door but finally says to himself, NO!!
He feels good about his choice.... I told him to come with me because I don't do spook allies either,
so we waited outside.

Ashton and Grandma Harris with this cute little dude just outside of the spook ally.

Grandpa Harris had been looking at the John Deere Tractor instead of doing the spook ally. Matching shirt with tractor.
We are all getting on the wagon for a ride around the pumpkin patch.  This is a free ride and they will stop if you want to get off and choose a pumpkin fresh out of the patch. Ashton and Jenny excited.

Here are Emma and Grandpa Harris and Jacob sitting in the wagon with the John Deere Tractor pulling the wagon.

Here we go on the wagon ride.
To the right is the John Deere Tractor that is pulling the wagon.

Here is where we stopped if anyone wants to get off and go pick their own pumpkin.  We choose to stay on and pick our pumpkins back on the grass. These people got on the wagon to go back and pay for their pumpkins

 Here is the tractor parked by the pumpkin patch and then we drive back to the beginning.  The tractor is driving past the corn maze....

When we got back the children wanted a picture with these fun Halloween people.  The pumpkins in the back are ones to choose from.

Well, we have our pumpkins and we are going back to the car and home.  Emma is pulling the wagon and Grandma Harris is also pulling the other wagon up a head. When Grandpa and Grandma Harris took both wagons back, Elder Harris says, "Lets have a race, so off we ran."  He only beat me a little ways.  We had a wonderful Saturday with Jed's family.

In the evening Jenny, Emma, and Sister Harris went to the church where Jed and some men made supper for all the women members in their branch. We ate until the food was gone and then watched the Women's Conference at church.  This is a small branch but President Jed Harris over the branch said that they had a lot of less actives come this year. It was great to visit with so many sisters.  The girls 8 and older were invited to come.  Great Women's Conference, I loved it. It was especially good to be with Emma and Jenny.

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